Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Testing 1-2-3!

Testing 1-2-3!

Meow?  RAWR!

We are The Feline Contingent and we are taking over!  We are fed up with our staff spending all her time on the internet and ignoring us!  Here's what we did to start our revolt:

Lilith Kitten Mahoney:  I'm not speaking to the staff because she left and came back smelling like Walmart!  She didn't even bring me any noms!

Rosco P. Catrane:  I redecorated the counter-tops in the kitchen, and when the staff got home I made sure she saw me redecorate them again!

Miss Tina Marie:  I hurked in several places and tried to bury it with my toys.  Then I didn't tell the staff until it was almost dry.

Oh, wait, now the staff has noms!  <Three kitties go running.>  See mew later!