Sunday, July 17, 2016

Police Kitteh's Report

Mrrp? Meow! This is Miss Tina Marie Maine Coon.  I have completed my 1st mission for the Catmerica Police Department (CPD). I used my bottle-brush tail to dust for prints. I used the rest of my furs too. The Man Human was so happy that we played chase with the broom!

Later I went on patrol with Sheriff Rosco P. Catrane in Meowmie Debby's room. I padded around and sniffed everything.  Lilith Kitten Mahoney did not like me being in there.  She yowled at me.  I remembered my Gentle Giant Maine Coon Manners and mewed at her.  Then I meatloafed and flopped onto my side to show her my bellyfurs.  I made sure she knew she was still Top Cat.  I just want to be friends with Lilith, even though she doesn't like me.


  1. Replies
    1. Meow!

      There was no crime. I smelled a strange human and like a good police kitteh I had to investi-cat-e.

      Did you know brooms attack kittehs? Even police kittehs like me?

      Miss Tina Marie Maine Coon

  2. Sounds like there is good dective work going on at your house. I think your human will be very safe living there once she is well again.

  3. Good investigatoring. I do hope Lilith decides you am goods for the Kitteh Community. -Katie Kitty Too.